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Longer Lasting Fruits and Vegetables

Our antimicrobial kitchen mat fights food waste, saves you money, and does right by the planet.

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  • Our proprietary blend of antimicrobial minerals fight food-wasting bacteria at the source, saving your family $300 a year
  • Unlike our competitors, Produce Mate doesn’t require constant replacement and lasts 2+ years
  • Cutting down on food waste directly combats climate change 
  • Plus we give 1% of profits to leading eco-charities

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We hate food waste

40% of all the food in the US ends up directly in a landfill,
Food waste costs your family $1500 a year,
and contributes heavily to climate change. 

Together, we’ll keep 5 million lbs of food out of landfills by 2025.

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Food waste is a constantly evolving problem.

As long as it continues to affect individuals and families, we’ll be here to help inform. 

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