6 Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home this Year

With the welcoming of the new year, there is no better time to start changing your food waste habits at home. Whether it’s what you’re eating, how you’re preparing it, or how you’re avoiding throwing it away, being more conscious of how you view food is a great goal for 2021! Here are a few […]

Food Waste Mistakes That Everyone Makes

When it comes to food waste, we at Produce Mate believe that creating a community of food waste thinkers is essential. Because of this, we like to talk about and promote pieces of food knowledge that we find. One of the cooler pieces that we found recently was written by Kristine Solomon over at thehealthy.com […]

How We’re Doing 1% Better

One percent. For many this is an insignificant amount that is usually attributed to the smallest or the least significant part. But what if that 1% could mean something more? What if 1% could make all the difference? What if we all put together 1% and made something out of what some people consider to […]

Food Waste from Student Perspectives and it’s global effects

Food Waste

As everyone knows, we take food waste extremely seriously here at Produce Mate. Whether it’s domestically or commercially produced, we think that food waste is one of the bigger problems that we need to look into when trying to find solutions for climate change. By eliminating the food that is wasted, we would be able […]

Moist and Densest Pumpkin Spice Muffins Made From Scratch

Fall and winter are the best seasons when it comes to warm and welcoming food. Whether you’re drinking it, eating it, or just smelling it, pumpkin spice dominates as a fall classic. That’s why we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce our favorite pumpkin spice muffin recipe! These pumpkin spice muffins have […]

Why We Need Sustainable Production and Consumption Right Now

If there’s one thing that we all know, it’s that our planets resources are limited. Sure, a lot of our resources are considered renewable, but those resources can only renew so fast. According to the United Nations (UN), if our current population growth rate stays the same and we don’t change how we consume resources, […]

COVID-19 and Climate Change

For many of us, right now is a strange time to live in. A few weeks ago, we were working, going to school, or just overall carrying on with our lives as normal. As COVID-19 has taken the world by storm we are left dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Strategies like social distancing are being […]