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Produce Mate and TedX: Optimism about Climate Change

Life has changed a lot this past year. Now we go to school in our bedrooms, wear masks in public, and social distance from friends and family. Even though we’re living through isolating times, some people have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to explore new topics; building businesses, going...

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Climate Change Solutions Through Food Waste by ReFED

In a new op-ed article in the Los Angeles Times, Dana Gunders, the director of ReFED, offers a road map to climate change solutions through none other than food waste. Not only offering solutions, Gunders outlines the costs as well as returns, making sure to emphasize the beneficial impacts of...

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Produce Mate mat loaded with veggies

Produce Mate in the News

We at Produce Mate have been working tirelessly to get our products and information out there. Whether it’s working with...